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History of the Finger Lakes School of Massage

Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training

The mission of the Finger Lakes School of Massage is to prepare each student for a career in Massage Therapy, by providing a holistic education that honors scientific and intuitive approaches to healing, creating a culture that invites exquisite care of self and others, and doing so in an atmosphere of joy, abundance, compassion, curiosity, and respect.

Founded on the principle that teachers and students work and learn best together in an atmosphere of trust, cooperation and integrity, co-founders Cindy Black and Andrea Butje created FLSM out of a passion for massage as a transformative force, emphasizing the efficacy and importance of creating a livelihood out of that passion.

Current owner David Merwin actively fosters that legacy.

Initially approved by the New York State Department of Education in November of 1992, FLSM opened its doors to students in the spring of 1994. To date, the Ithaca Campus of the Finger Lakes School of Massage has graduated more than 2000 students.

In October 2008, FLSM opened its first branch campus in Mount Kisco, NY. The branch campus relies upon the wisdom, compassion, and experience of a diverse faculty that includes a number of graduates from the Ithaca program.

What Our Graduates Have to Say

FLSM Graduate Jeff Jeff

Going back to school as an adult seemed a little intimidating to me at first, but FLSM was great at putting me at ease and making the journey amazing. It was a life changing experience, not just learning the art and science of Massage but finding 'me' again.

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